Working with Sharlene

I work with a diversity of clients – agencies, organizational leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs – to join their team, providing strategic guidance and stepping in to support their goals. I encourage you to contact me; I’d like to hear more about your challenges and talk about how I can help.

Sharlene Sones

Founder & Brand Strategist

When I was a kid, I endlessly read a little pocket book on inventors. It featured the stories of a wide variety of creatives – from Edison to Marconi, Tesla to Ford – providing me with a glimpse into their lives and the back stories of innovation. I read and re-read the book so much that the binding and all the pages eventually fell apart.

So while the book may be long gone, what enthralled me about it back then still lives on: I’m fascinated with people and their stories – how and why ideas, causes and businesses come to life.

I founded Brandstoria as a means to connect this storytelling perspective with traditional branding practices that can surprise and delight in ways that matter. Tapping into the heart and soul of the brand to realize potential and build relationships with customers (internal and external).

The approach is rooted in my early career experience launching hundreds of products in sports & entertainment, when I’d think about the strategy for a new product based on its fit with the larger story people held about the brand.

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with and consulted to a wide range of agencies, global brands and startups using this approach.

Connect With Sharlene:

(386) 846-8621