Who are we? Your Brand Whisperers

We’re strategic branding and messaging people. A team of experienced, efficient strategists and marketers, skilled communicators, and deep listeners who mine the important messages, themes, and ideas that represent your value.  Our advantage is an external perspective combined with experience sitting in the client’s seat, too. A real-world business viewpoint so you can better design communications, marketing, and experiences that reinforce your worth. We’d like to hear more about your challenges and talk about how we can help.

Sharlene Sones

Principal Strategist

Sharlene is a brand-building specialist who understands the power of narrative to sell a product, advance an idea, and point the way toward potential.

Her approach is rooted in experience launching hundreds of products in sports & entertainment when she’d think about the strategy for a product positioning as part of a larger story people held about the brand.

Over the past decade, she’s strengthened brands for a wide range of agencies, startups, and established brands using this approach including The Ivy League, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Botaneco, LPGA, Spalding Sports, Prince Tennis, Chef Revival, Smoothie Bombs, and more.

Sharlene received her B.S. from Babson College and a graduate degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. Today, you can find her on Cape Cod where she’s enthusiastically building a boat.

Connect With Sharlene:

(386) 846-8621