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You spend energy and time building beautiful products, driving traffic, analyzing data, and fine tuning marketing. The right brand stories, however, connect these activities with meaning. Helping people understand and care about the value you deliver in a compelling way.

Designed as a quick, highly visual read and “mini-whiteboard” session to handily revisit and ignite ideas, each chapter highlights how your brand stories can impact a specific business goal and deliver:

• A roadmap for identifying and evaluating opportunity

• More powerful brand, marketing and sales strategies

• Connection, engagement, and loyalty for your brand

• Campaigns and social media really work

• An important framework for leaders of all kinds – tapping into the way people make sense of the world

What business leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives are saying

Ty Votaw

Executive Vice President of Communications and International Affairs / PGA TOUR

Storyworks takes the age-old, universal activity of storytelling and applies it in new and compelling ways so that you can more effectively market and communicate your brand’s unique strengths. In a world that is filled with noise and competing messages, Sharlene Sones helps you focus on what you need to be heard.

Amy Grant


Information alone is not compelling, but put it into the context of a story and people connect with it. As a songwriter I learned to put stories to music - that’s how I connect with my audience. Sharlene Sones’ book, Storyworks, taps into this concept to present ways by which anyone with a business or brand can benefit. Not just selling something, but creating meaning and context in ways that connect to the stories we are living.

Mariko Miyamoto

Senior Vice President / Communispace

Storyworks illustrates, in a wonderful and compelling way, how insights can be found, come to life and have meaning. Because the methodology of obtaining insight - found in the rich context of its story - is as important as the insight itself for your marketing and brand success. It’s a great read and a terrific resource to re-visit time and time again.

Billie Jean King

Sports Icon and Humanitarian

Storyworks helps us understand how our stories can impact success. If you want to leave a lasting impression, then give people a great story.

Grant McCracken

Anthropologist, Author of Chief Culture Officer and Culturematic

Sharlene Sones is a gifted, intelligent student of marketing, and in Storyworks, she helps to reinvent the book even as she helps us redefine and reimagine the brand!

Len Schlesinger

Formerly President, Babson College, Vice Chairman and COO of LImited Brands, Baker Foundation Professor / Harvard Business School

All marketers know that a great brand requires a great story...but few know the elements that make up that great story. Sharlene Sones engages the reader in a witty and useful guide to creating the stories that make great brands great. A must read for anyone interested in advancing the practice of branding.

  • Story Works

    An unconventional, at-a-glance guide designed to get you thinking in new ways about your brand’s meaning and value

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    An unconventional, at-a-glance guide designed to get you thinking in new ways about your brand’s meaning and value